Friday, January 23, 2009


My little Scotlyn Rhys is 7 years old today! Here are seven facts about our Scotty:

1. She LOVES to read. Most days, after school, she can be found around the house with her nose stuck in a book!
2. Tinkerbell is her favorite character. She knows all the other fairies names and magical powers, but I think she identifies with Tink's attitude. . .ahem.
3. When Scotlyn laughs, she doesn't just giggle. It's an out-loud, air-pushing, woodpecker sounding laugh! I LOVE IT!!!
4. Like mother, like daughter, Scotlyn loves arts and crafts. She has a creative spirit and is a talented artist.
5. She loves peanut butter toast! She has at least 2 slices everyday.
6. She's pretty athletic and enjoys rock climbing the most. For her career choice, she'd like to be a horse jockey.
7. Last, but my most favorite thing about Scotlyn is that she's always thinking about and giving to others. She wants to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable at all times.

I love you, Scotty! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lil Sluggers

We took Grandma to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory for one of her Christmas gifts. We also took a jaunt across the river into Indiana where we ate dinner. We had a ball!
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Oh Henry!

One of my favorite memories from Christmas this year was of Grandma Turner making Oh Henry bars with the girls! They were so eager to help and I hope they will always have great memories and continue the tradition of making them every Christmas for their families someday.
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Ward Christmas Party

Scotlyn was the only taker to sit on Santa's lap.

Coco and Scotlyn were being crafty. . .like mom.
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Plum Fun

I went to Janet Evanavich's "Plum Spooky" book signing. These were taken with my camera phone so they are really poor quality, but you get the idea. Janet wasn't overly friendly or talkative. Yes, I expected her to be a little spicy since she created the saucy characters in her books, but she seemed quite the opposite. I still had "plum" fun!
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