Saturday, July 25, 2009

McKoy's First Haircut (FINALLY!!)

Jared has a hard time letting go of his little girls. Usually 4 years-old is when he gives up on the no cutting of the hair string. Today, all the girls got their haircut for school but the most noticeable change was of little Coco that must have lost at least 6 inches. We all love it on her and thinks it fits her personality. As long as she still feels like a princess. . .and believe me--she DOES!

Big Sistas in Training, Part Two

My girls donning their "doctor" look after the delivery of the baby.

My little Cokie-relly

Okay, Jared took this one because he said the girls should have pictures of me in case something ever happens to me. He knows I HATE getting my picture taken, but I didn't even know he was doing it.

The girls learning to soothe the baby by feeding with bottles.

Big Sisters In Training, Part 1

The girls went to a big sister class today and it was FANTASTIC!! It was the most thorough, pleasant, uplifting, relaxing time! My girls are much more confident in their big sister skills! They especially liked the milk and cookies and the goody bags. This little baby is going to be one lucky sista to have all of her big sisters doting on her!


Jared, Scotty, and Bryn getting schooled by pops.

Coco doing a happy dance after we freaked out over her hole-in-one!

Coco and Scotty talking trash to each other.

Coco hot and exhausted by the end of it all.
We had a lovely family day last Monday. Jared took the day off and we went mini-golfing, to the library, to an ultrasound/dr.'s appt. for baby girl, etc. The highlight, of course, was watching the girls putter around the course. Coco was especially hysterical because she just kept swinging at the ball instead of waiting for it to stop first. She also was the first in the fam to make a hole in one! Tiger Woods--watch out!

Lemons Out of Lemonade

Scotlyn and her friend, J, who helped her (and who Scotlyn paid as her "employee")

Scotlyn and Coco getting geared up to sell, baby, sell that lemonade!
The only agenda item on Scotlyn's Summer To-Do List was to have a lemonade stand. She desperately wanted to make lots of money so she could give some to her girl scout troop and some to Vanderbilt Hospital and maybe a little of it to "buy a Tinkerbell hat" that she's been eyeing at Walmart. The day we picked to do the lemonade stand was the hottest day of the year and not one person (except daddy, our neighbor, and Scotlyn's friend's mom) stopped or was even outside. She was so disappointed. She even made little paper fans to sell and had a really good business plan (no really, she is very business-minded and, er. . .money-minded). Still they had fun drinking lemonade and playing in the sprinkler every few minutes to cool off. They made lemonade out of a lemon of a day! Great job, girls!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm THAT Good

I'm exhausted--I just finished putting some dimples on my baby's knees and bum. Phew! Tomorrow--maybe a little more work on the lung project?