Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So, I was just cleaning up my bonus room and blasted my playlist from this here blog and WOW! One of the songs I put on here about 2 years ago now was somebody saying a bunch of potty-mouth profanities! Sorry, if that came on whilst you were visiting my little space here in cyberworld. I apologize profusely. I had no idea. I guess the person who originally posted that song to playlist.com changed it. If you notice that happening with another song of mine--PLEASE let me know so I can remove it! Thanks!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

False Advertising

THIRTEEN years ago, this man promised the following:

He would make me happy.

He would provide for me.

He would be a dad.

He would love me.

And I BOUGHT IT!!! Thirteen years later I say that was FALSE ADVERTISING because this is what I really got:

He makes me laugh so hard I cry...everyday...seriously.

He makes a great living and all my needs are provided for and then some.

He is an EXCELLENT daddy to his four little girls, equipped with humor, discipline, and love.

He not only tells me he loves me but shows me by his obedience to the Lord and makes me want to be a better wife and mother.

His payment for these things was for me to "stand there and look pretty."

Guess he got the short end of the stick and I got a steal! I am a bargain shopper afterall! Happy Anniversay, Jared! I love and adore you!