Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celtic Woman: Isle of Hope

Last week Jared and I went to a Celtic Woman concert. They sounded like angels and the acoustics were incredible! They have had 5 concerts here in Nashville recently and I think it would be a great city to call their home away from home. Afterall, country music has it's roots in Celtic/Irish music. I highly recommend seeing these lovely ladies if you ever get the chance.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

We are trying out the whole square foot gardening concept. It seems to be working well and rapidly! The girls planted seeds and they are excited to see their efforts have not been in vain! It's looking good!

Coco Puff the Magic Dragon

A few weeks ago Coco had pneumonia. We thought we had treated it and that she was all better. About a week after she was done taking her medicine she started having the same symptoms--lethargic, fever, coughing, etc. So, I took her to the doctor and she was treated again with breathing treatments. We were sent home with a nebulizer and medicine. The mask is a purple dragon which is really cool to Coco. When she breathes the albuterol smoke puffs out the sides of her dragon mask. Hopefully, we will be done with treatments this Sunday. She isn't thinking it's so fun anymore.


Last week we visited Bowling Green, KY to tour the Corvette Museum. Jared was like a kid in a candy store! I am grateful that I got to see what a little boy would have been like in that place! FUN TIMES!

Mmmmm. . .

Scotlyn was filling Coco in on the art of "meditation and yoga". It was very funny listening to Scotlyn explain to Coco how to hold her hands and hum. Hmmmmmmm. . .

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Bryn and Scotlyn were invited to a birthday party at Pump It Up where there is a rock wall to climb on. On other occasions Scotlyn has been so close to the top but looked down and never made it. She mustered all of her enthusiasm to get to her goal of the top and she succeeded! Bryn also made it to the top! Good job girls!

The "Graduate"

Bryn "graduated" from 5th grade and will now be moving on to middle school. At the graduation ceremony she won several awards (whole year will no demerits, Social Studies award, Reading & English Award). I am so proud of my Brynny! She is going to begin middle school in August and has been quite nervous about it. She will rock it! (Sorry this picture is so blurry--it was taken from far away).

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Hormonal Girl

Happy. . .angelic maybe? Even a little smile?

GRUMPY. . .crying, whining. Can't wait!

There, now. . .all better. Now let me sleep and stop taking pictures of me.
Today we got 3D & 4D ultrasound of our little pumpkin. Bryn thought she had conflicting emotions just like she does and laughed at all her different expressions. Here's to another little bundle of estrogen, Jared! We love you!

Friday, June 5, 2009

12 Long Years Ago, In a Land Far, Far Away. . .

A courageous, young prince rode in on a valiant steed, (that broke down on the way to the temple that morning) to join himself for eternity to a damsel in diSTRESS (who isn't on their wedding day). During their engagement he battled and slayed her dragons (cold feet, mood swings, etc.) and still willingly made it to a beautiful room in the tallest tower of the Manti Temple. That day, she wore a long, silk dress and today, despite new dragons to battle (wrinkles, gray hair, and no son as an heir to his porcelain throne) for their 12th anniversary (the linen and silk anniversary) she will wear something silky for him, too. . .silk long-johns and socks, of course. And, they will continue to fill pages of their storybook as they live happily ever. . .

Thanks for being the love of my life, Jared! I LOVE YOU!


One of the projects I sent to my nephew, Jimmy, for his upcoming wedding. I thought I took a picture of the other thing but I didn't. Bummer. It was my favorite new craft I've been learning how to do. Well, have a jolly day (that's what Jimmy would say)!


Here are some gifts I made for several people in the last few weeks. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the look of typography--letters, numbers, etc? If not, I'm mentioning it now. In fact, I'm in the process of working on a project for my house that will have more of this. Lots of new projects for me to get ready for Baby Girl #4 (like adding her to stitcheries, chalkboards, etc.). Pictures to follow in the next few months. . .

So Long, Farewell

Sister Smith's parents came to pick her up from the mission. I was so lucky to be on her list of people she wanted to visit before she left for California. In this picture she is holding the Tennessee Titans cup that she autographed for us (she always used the same cup when she came over to our house). We love her and miss her and hope she visits us again someday! We always have facebook, but even that doesn't meet my expectations (that one's for you, Emerald).

Sister Smith's mom gave me a beautiful emerald bracelet so I'd always remember her daughter! Thanks again, Sr. & Jr. Sister Smith!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The other day Scotlyn wanted to craft so I gave her my paper, scissors, tape and glue and let her have at it while I finished the laundry. She told me she was going to make a purse. I thought it would be a cut-out in the shape of a purse. Oh no. Not Scotty. She made this thing detailed with pockets on the side and everything. When I was her age I did the same type of thing. I made a filing cabinet out of construction paper with drawers that opened and all. I have never showed her any of this--it's just innate. I love that we have that in common!

Later, she went outside to help daddy with the garden (that's why the funky gloves).