Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Girls, Everywhere I Turn I Can See Them

Dear Miss Hannigan,
Sorry you don't like little girls, little socks, and little bloomers. I feel sorry for you. You said some women are drippin' with diamonds and some women are drippin' with pearls, but your drippin' with little girls. You were right--Little girls are the real gems! I must be rich!
Mother to 4 giggly, girly-girls


We took the girls to the circus on Saturday and they had a blast. Unfortunately we didn't have much battery left in our camera so we didn't get many pictures but it was a great experience--just a little too long for my taste. I think Coco liked the dancers the best and Bryn and Scotlyn loved the human cannonball. In fact, Scotlyn wants to be a human cannonball when she grows up. . .

The Photographer

Apparently, I have an aspiring photographer on my hands. I have seen her occasionally use my phone to take pictures but this time I found these random pics on my real camera courtesy of the little munchkin. Thanks, Coco!

Middle School Choir Concert

Bryn's first choir concert was fantastic! She did a great job and I could tell she was proud of herself. Here she is with her friend, Thea! Congrats, girls!

Now that's a Root Beer Float

Some friends in our ward challenged us to drink this vase full of a half gallon of ice cream and a huge 2 liter root beer. It took over an hour for our family to drink most of it. Lots of burping took place during this event.

Stayin' Alive

The were lucky enough to be invited their friend's (Addi) birthday roller-skating party! They were all pretty timid at first with the whole idea--but as you can see they got over it real fast. Everytime they would fall they didn't cry. They just got up and kept. . .stayin' alive.

First Bath

Regan's first bath at home. She didn't care for all.