Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scotty Girl

Scotlyn wrote the following letter to Santa:
"Dear Santa, My wish for Christmas would be one thowsend tents and some food for the poor. From your pal, Scotlyn. P.S. Send some pictures of all the reindeer. Christmas ROOLS! You rock, Santa!"
I thought it was so sweet of her to want to give instead of receive--except a picture of the reindeer.
The family photo was obviously drawn before Miss Regan joined us. I think the picture of Jared is especially striking. Don't you?

You're Fired!!!!

Donald & Ivanka Trump were seen at the Famous Daddy-Daughter Activity Day Girls Dinner & Dance. The funny thing is that wig Jared is wearing was a lot longer and used for his Halloween costume (he went as a hippie). We just cut it to make it look somewhat like "The Donald". Of course, no one can pull off a real "Donald" but Mr. Trump himself. That's it, Jared. YOU'RE FIRED!!!!


Regan was blessed on November 1. The blessing was beautiful and so was she! Love the double chins!

Getting My Craft On

Well, I've been crafting again--surprise--surprise! I made the "M" for a family that had us over for a FANTASTIC Halloween party! I have never been to anything like it! The other craft was made for our Super Saturday last Saturday--my advent calendar. I used chalkboard paint on a piece of magnetic board so that I could change it up and make a Thanksgiving "thankful" calendar (for next year). I put magnets on the back of wedding favor tins and embellished the Christmas paper with buttons, brads, ribbons, old math books, etc. I think my girls will have fun opening one a day and finding an act of service they can do for each other inside--maybe an m&m or two...

Ward Trunk-Or-Treat

Bryn--the psychedelic hippie.


Scotlyn. . .Grrrr!

2 Little Monkeys

Jared took Scotlyn and Coco to see "Curious George" at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center) last month. They got there a little early so Jared decided to do a photo shoot.

2 Months

Here are pictures of Regan at 2 months old. She's getting big! Love her!