Monday, May 31, 2010

The Newest Hero

This is on the wall but it wouldn't let me put it in the post with the others for some strange reason so here she is by herself--my Rogue Regan! She has a killer toothless smile (not anymore--need to change that), a sweet heart, twinkle toes and her super-power is her hidden explosives she stores in her diaper-region.
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3 Months and Counting. . .

Wowzers! Zoinks! Was it really February the last time I put anything on this here blog? Well, here are some updates--not all because I couldn't even remember to take my camera places. Where is my head? I act like I'm a busy mom and wife or something...


Oh yeah--I finally got something put on that stairway wall that I've been trying to do for 3 years! I could never figure out what to do so I finally just brought these babies over from the dining room and ta-da! It works. . .I think. Does it? Again, suggestions are welcome!
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Our Story Problem

I finally finished a project that I had been working on for over a year. It was all in my head but like I said--it's been busy, excuses, etc. I really like how it turned out but I know it could use some improvements. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! It's a chalkboard so it's easily changed! Let me know what you think!
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I Have To Move On

This past month has been crazy busy. Bryn was in a Michael Jackson Choir Concert and there were parties and picnics and field-days oh my! Coco will be starting school in August and I'll be at home with just one little girl again. I'm gonna miss these days with my Coco. She and I had a lot of fun for a few years when the girls were at school. Now, it's time for her to move on. I guess it's time for Scotlyn, too. Look at what she wrote to her teachers! Cracks me up!

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Coco is the Big 0-5!

When Jared turned 5 years-old his dad took him on a train ride. So, Jared wanted to continue that tradition with his own children. Bryn went on Trax when she turned 5 and both Scotlyn and Coco have now been on the Music City Star for their rides. Coco loved it so much she wanted to have a time machine so she could experience it all over again!
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Nashville Tennessee Flood 2010

The week after the marathon (which was cut short because of weather) this crisis emerged here in our beautiful Nashville. Again hope, hard work, and perserverance...

Kids Marathon

The girls ran in the kids marathon the day before Jared and Lee ran the marathon. They put in hours of running and sweating, crying and huffing and puffing! They made it through the finish line and got their medals. Good job, girls! Perserverance wins the race!
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Author: Scotlyn Turner

Scotlyn was invited by her teachers to be in the Writer's Night not only at her school but at Cumberland University. She was also evaluated this year and invited to be in SEEK, the gifted program at her school for next year. We are so proud of our little Scotlyn and her desire to learn and create! CONGRATS, Scotty girl!
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CTR (Cake to Ravage?)

Our sweet friend, Stephanie, made this beautiful CTR cake for Scotlyn's baptism! Not only is it pretty--it was DELICIOUS!!! If you need a cake person. . .call me (I have her digits--oh, yes, I did say that).
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