Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who Are Those Chicks That Are Rockin' Kicks?

(To the tune of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus--see real song and video here:

We hopped off the year 2009
with a new baby on our hips
Welcome to the year of 2010,
Four girls--are we equipped?

Regan jumped in our life,
Here she is for the first time
Looks to her sisters for some sort of sign
This is all so crazy
Everyone seems so familiar

Our Coco Turner is such a great big sis
Her baby status in the family is sometimes missed
But then mommy turns up the youtube video
and a Miley song is on
and a Miley song is on
and a Miley song is on

So we put our hands up,
Regan’s digging this song,
and Coco is dancing away,
Scotlyn’s giggling like yeah
Bryn’s prancing ‘round like yeah,
And we got our hands up,
It's playing our song,
We know we're gonna be okay
Yeah, it's a party at the Turner place,
It's a party at the Turner place.

Still in the south with no southern drawl
Everybody'll be lookin at them now
Like “who are those chicks, that are rockin’ kicks?
Are they really from this Nash-town?”

So great with all girls in our home now
We won’t be trying for a boy—that’s a vow
Cause’ we’re real happy with these ones
Too bad Jared will never have sons

Scotlyn is turnin’ eight and getting baptized this year
Too much water and she’s nervous
That's when the Daddy dances to her favorite tune
and a Miley song is on
and a Miley song is on
and a Miley song is on

So we put our hands up,
Regan’s diggin this song,
and Coco is dancing away,
Scotlyn’s giggling like yeah
Bryn’s prancing ‘round like yeah,
And we got our hands up,
He's playing our song,
We know we're gonna be okay
Yeah, it's a party at the Turner place,
It's a party at the Turner place.

Bryn’s like growin' up too fast (too fast)
We have a tween and we’re aghast (we’re aghast)
Young Women’s here she comes
Now to make-up, phones, and friends we must succumb

So we put our hands up,
Regan’s diggin our song,
and Coco is dancing away,
Scotlyn’s giggling like yeah
Bryn’s prancing ‘round like yeah,
And we got our hands up,
We’re playing our song,
We know we're gonna be okay
Yeah, it's a party at the Turner place,
It's a party at the Turner place.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it’s full of miracles! Yeah!
Love, The Turners

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She's Got Betty Davis Eyes

Regan, 4 months. Too cool for school.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,

I don't like my carseat. Not one bit. It limits my desires to explore and be cuddled. I seem to always be in it because of the usual daily activities of my sisters. Now that it's Christmas break I hope to see it less often. I would like to stay home and relax, recline in my swing and taste new exotic foods like fruits and veggies. . .maybe ice cream, yes?

Regan Meabh

#2 & #4

These two were playing together the other day and it was so cute listening to Regan giggle while Scotlyn talked to her. Maybe because Scotlyn looked a little different with her tooth missing! We are trying to get her other one out before Friday so she can sing, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth!"

Turner Clan, Est. 1997

For years now I've been meaning to make a family stitchery. I had very good intentions and even started it a few times but somehow I never got into it or managed to find time to do it. Well, I am so grateful it didn't work out because I would've had to redo it with the birth of our little Regan 4 months ago. It would have been a large task, indeed. My friend, Jill, gave me the frame about a year and half ago and I couldn't figure out what to do with it until now. Hmmmm...where to hang it...that may take some time.


Jared's estrogen gang--all in pink.

Jared ran in the Memphis St. Judes half-marathon on December 5. I didn't get any pictures because it was SOOOO COLD--especially for the great city of Memphis. I was trying to keep Regan warm and safe from the temps (also, I forgot the camera in the van). Luckily, we were able to see the Memphis temple while we were there. It is actually just like the Nashville temple and sits on the lot with the Stake Center as well.


My friend, Jenn, from high school got married in Alabama on November 20 and we made the 2 hour drive there, stayed for about 3 hours and drove home. It was a whirlwind trip but it was so worth it. I wish I could have gotten pictures of the bride and groom but they were being swarmed by family members. Regan slept through most of it but danced with her sisters later to "Party In the USA" (I can tell she digs it by her huge grin when we all start groovin).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scotty Girl

Scotlyn wrote the following letter to Santa:
"Dear Santa, My wish for Christmas would be one thowsend tents and some food for the poor. From your pal, Scotlyn. P.S. Send some pictures of all the reindeer. Christmas ROOLS! You rock, Santa!"
I thought it was so sweet of her to want to give instead of receive--except a picture of the reindeer.
The family photo was obviously drawn before Miss Regan joined us. I think the picture of Jared is especially striking. Don't you?

You're Fired!!!!

Donald & Ivanka Trump were seen at the Famous Daddy-Daughter Activity Day Girls Dinner & Dance. The funny thing is that wig Jared is wearing was a lot longer and used for his Halloween costume (he went as a hippie). We just cut it to make it look somewhat like "The Donald". Of course, no one can pull off a real "Donald" but Mr. Trump himself. That's it, Jared. YOU'RE FIRED!!!!


Regan was blessed on November 1. The blessing was beautiful and so was she! Love the double chins!

Getting My Craft On

Well, I've been crafting again--surprise--surprise! I made the "M" for a family that had us over for a FANTASTIC Halloween party! I have never been to anything like it! The other craft was made for our Super Saturday last Saturday--my advent calendar. I used chalkboard paint on a piece of magnetic board so that I could change it up and make a Thanksgiving "thankful" calendar (for next year). I put magnets on the back of wedding favor tins and embellished the Christmas paper with buttons, brads, ribbons, old math books, etc. I think my girls will have fun opening one a day and finding an act of service they can do for each other inside--maybe an m&m or two...

Ward Trunk-Or-Treat

Bryn--the psychedelic hippie.


Scotlyn. . .Grrrr!

2 Little Monkeys

Jared took Scotlyn and Coco to see "Curious George" at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center) last month. They got there a little early so Jared decided to do a photo shoot.

2 Months

Here are pictures of Regan at 2 months old. She's getting big! Love her!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Girls, Everywhere I Turn I Can See Them

Dear Miss Hannigan,
Sorry you don't like little girls, little socks, and little bloomers. I feel sorry for you. You said some women are drippin' with diamonds and some women are drippin' with pearls, but your drippin' with little girls. You were right--Little girls are the real gems! I must be rich!
Mother to 4 giggly, girly-girls


We took the girls to the circus on Saturday and they had a blast. Unfortunately we didn't have much battery left in our camera so we didn't get many pictures but it was a great experience--just a little too long for my taste. I think Coco liked the dancers the best and Bryn and Scotlyn loved the human cannonball. In fact, Scotlyn wants to be a human cannonball when she grows up. . .

The Photographer

Apparently, I have an aspiring photographer on my hands. I have seen her occasionally use my phone to take pictures but this time I found these random pics on my real camera courtesy of the little munchkin. Thanks, Coco!

Middle School Choir Concert

Bryn's first choir concert was fantastic! She did a great job and I could tell she was proud of herself. Here she is with her friend, Thea! Congrats, girls!

Now that's a Root Beer Float

Some friends in our ward challenged us to drink this vase full of a half gallon of ice cream and a huge 2 liter root beer. It took over an hour for our family to drink most of it. Lots of burping took place during this event.

Stayin' Alive

The were lucky enough to be invited their friend's (Addi) birthday roller-skating party! They were all pretty timid at first with the whole idea--but as you can see they got over it real fast. Everytime they would fall they didn't cry. They just got up and kept. . .stayin' alive.

First Bath

Regan's first bath at home. She didn't care for all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Debut of Regan Meabh Turner

Regan Meabh (pronounced REE-gan MAYVE) (Gaelic/Irish for "child of a king" and "intoxicating") was born August 18, 2009 at 11:24 a.m. She weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and is 19.5 inches long. She is a very happy, mild-mannered baby (so far). It feels as though she has always been a part of our family and she finally made it here! We are doting on her and the girls are showing her "the ropes" around our house.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Sidekick

Dear Bryn,

I already miss having you around everyday now that you're at school. Don't get me wrong, I do not miss the arguing with your sisters or the 20 repeats of everything funny said or done, the endless tormenting me with potty jokes. . .but I do miss you. I miss you making lunch for the girls which you always, er. . .usually did with a smile. I miss you following me everywhere and asking, "Whatcha doin?" I miss you telling me how bored you are and me getting to tell you I'm not the entertainment committee. I love that I got you addicted to the Anne of Green Gables books and that we could talk about it and then watch clips from the movie on YouTube. I asked so much of you and you amazed me with how responsible and dependable you are becoming. Thank you, Bryn, for giving me a more relaxing, quieter summer than the last few. I really enjoy your company and your amazing sense of humor!

All My Love,